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Jason Richardson was elected to the Senate in 2012. He attended Harvard Law School and was editor of the Harvard Law Review. After graduating with a magna cum laude from Harvard in 1991, he started in Chicago where he worked as an associate at the law firms of Hopkins & Sutter.

  • Environmental Issues: Vehicula inci dunt nascetur, magna cillum.
  • Infrastructure Policy: Vehicula inci dunt nascetur, magna cillum.
  • Economic Policy: Vehicula inci dunt nascetur, magna cillum.
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  • Elections are held on Election Day, which is conventionally a Thursday. General elections do not have fixed dates, but must be called within five years of the opening of parliament following the last election.

    Other elections are held on fixed dates, though in the case of the devolved assemblies and parliaments early elections can occur in certain situations.

  • The elections for the Australian Parliament are held under a single federal electoral system, and there are different systems for each Australian state and territory.

    Voting is almost entirely conducted by paper ballot and is compulsory for adults, although many eligible voters choose not to vote or vote incorrectly.

  • State law regulates most aspects of the election, including primaries, the eligibility of voters (beyond the basic constitutional definition), the running of each state’s electoral college, and the running of state and local elections.

    The United States Constitution defines (to a basic extent) how federal elections are held, in Article One and Article Two and various amendments.